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1.Carbon-fibre composites use for reducing weight and strengthening chassis.

2.Heat-dissipating, flame-retardant polyamides.

3.Advancements on the field of high-strength new generations of manganese alloy steel, such as TRIPLEX alloys.

4.Aluminium developments – place of aluminium in new alloys world.

5.Superiority of magnesium alloys to plastics for stiffness-critical applications

6.Advantages and disadvantages of solid vs liquid state processing of AMCs (Aluminium matrix composites).

Components manufacturing:

1.Material cost reduction by use of additive manufacturing.

2.Mixed material joining techniques.

3.Cost Reduction and Part Function improvement by using Abrasive Flow and Electro Chemical Machining.

4.Rapid tuning of the fibre laser spot size as the solution for dealing with various metal sheet thickness.

5.Possible applications of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) for plastic materials.

6.Electro Chemical Machining innovative solutions of High-performance HMC for hard-metal markets.

7.Increasing Reliability and Efficiency in Next Generation Power Converter Design.

Supply solutions:

1.Usage of CAE for verifying crashworthiness design issues for lightweight materials.

2.Smart stannate-based self-healing coatings for corrosion protection of magnesium alloys.

3.Application of Advanced Measurement Technology in Automobile & Moulding.

4.Achieving next-gen standards of molded products, with use of foamed composites.

5.Innovative power management solutions for vehicle electrification

6.Variable compression ratio (VCR) as one of the key internal combustion engine strategies for meeting future automotive environmental regulations

7.Developing cleaner Spark Ignition engines solutions.


1.How to meet the need to standardize to gain supply chain flexibility and agility in adopting innovation, as well as economies of scale?

2.Transforming data into competitive advantage.

3.Energy Management in a Dual-Drive Hybrid Powertrains

4.Advancement in alternative technologies for CAN Bus for in-vehicle Networking.

5.Li-Ion cell self-discharge measurement systems that can reduce time to measure both design and verification phases and mass production phases.

6.48V Architecture: A Cost-effective Proposition for OEMs to Meet Growing Emission Norms.